CV Giving Days hosted by Acrisure Arena

Today was the launch of CV Giving Days for the 160 charities in the Coachella Valley of which we are one of them.

Our Vice President and Tech Guru Robert Gamberg (accompanied by David Yerks-Young) were amongst the many guests.

After a few short speeches from emcee Patrick Evans of KESQ’s “Eye on the Desert” and the organizers of the event the guests gathered in the Host Lounge for a meet and greet with each other and to enjoy snacks and beverages before they were given the option of taking a tour of the 10,000 seat arena. (more…)

White Cane Embarrassment

I have felt this way when I first started using my white cane. Recently I discovered I was not alone. This is something many of us have felt.

The following is a poem I came across by “Dave Steele, The Blind Poet”.

You’re not the only one who’s felt embarrassed to be seen
outside walking with me
this for many’s always been
a part of the whole process as together we will train
but in time you will realize
you’ll soon be proud again (more…)