White Cane Embarrassment

I have felt this way when I first started using my white cane. Recently I discovered I was not alone. This is something many of us have felt.

The following is a poem I came across by “Dave Steele, The Blind Poet”.

You’re not the only one who’s felt embarrassed to be seen
outside walking with me
this for many’s always been
a part of the whole process as together we will train
but in time you will realize
you’ll soon be proud again
I’m made to give you back the things that you may feel you’ve lost
like pride and independence all the things that blindness cost
I’m not a sign of weakness
I’m a reason to be proud
alleviate anxiety when you are in a crowd
Sometimes I’m left behind
or folded up inside your hand
But I’ll be ready for you
I won’t judge I understand
I know these feelings natural
It’s the way that people stare
when you can still see some things

but for blindness you prepare
You don’t need to see nothing to be able to use me
that’s not the way that blindness works it fades so differently
I’m here to be a symbol and signal that you’re strong
a reason not to isolate
a reason to belong
So when you’re feeling ready I’ll be with you day or night
unfold me hold me confident and swipe me left to right
Eventually you’ll come to terms our partnership remain
It’s me and you forever
I am your mobility cane